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UNR N Duckbill Spoiler



UNR N Duckbill Spoiler for 2019+ Veloster N is made from hand laid fiberglass. 

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UNR N Duckbill Spoiler for 2019+ Veloster N is made from hand laid fiberglass. Installs with 3M tape on top of the trunk, comes unpainted. This spoiler also fits Veloster Turbo JS 2018+

UNR stands for Union for the New Rider, new brand making high quality parts. 

Founded in 2014 Union for the New Rider (UNR Performance) is a new face in KDM aftermarket scene. UNR is mainly focused on body parts such as front splitters, side skirts and wide body fender kits for Hyundai and Kia lineup. All of their design and manufacturing work is done in South Korea and UNR Performance is quickly growing their fanbase with their awesome designs and craftsmanship. 


1. Can my body kit be already painted and ready for install?

Body kit can't be already painted because aftermarket body parts don't have 100% fit like genuine parts and there is always some additional work needed to make them fit properly or at least as good as possible. Sanding, trimming and shaping parts using bondo is normal procedure for aftermarket body kit install.

Body kits also travel great distances and can easily be damaged, cracked or scratched if miss handled so if they were painted paint job would be ruined and all additional time, work and money spent for painting would be wasted. If there is some damage on unpainted parts it can easily be repaired before painting.

2. Does install require any modifications?

Aftermarket body parts do NOT just bolt on straight out of the box. Prep work like sanding, filling, cutting and reshaping will be required to smooth out imperfections. We recommend that it is sprayed in at least 2 layers of primer BEFORE painting. Please check fitment BEFORE you get the parts painted. Parts may require significant modification to fit. It may have to be cut, sanded and filled to achieve a good fit. This all can be expensive, please do your research first by speaking to a body shop for fitting and painting estimates.

We recommend that all our products are fitted by a specialist aftermarket body kit shop or by someone who has experience in fitting aftermarket fibreglass body kits. Please read our terms and conditions BEFORE your make your purchase.


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    UNR N Duckbill Spoiler

    UNR N Duckbill Spoiler

    UNR N Duckbill Spoiler for 2019+ Veloster N is made from hand laid fiberglass. 

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