Dear customers,

as we are well aware of high shipping costs for larger body parts like diffusers, front lips, side skirts, larger spoilers etc, we offer you solution to save on shipping!
As far as these parts are made of fiberglass material (FRP) they can be cut in half in order to make them fit in smaller box. Smaller boxes are much cheaper to ship (up to 1,5 meters or 59") for EMS shipping. Everything bigger than that gets much more expensive to ship.

How do you put together parts cut in half?

Molding cut parts back together is very easy, parts are just as strong as before, and there is no trace of cutting once parts are painted. This work needs to be done by body shop experienced in working with aftermarket fiberglass parts, job for professional.

How much does it cost?

Prices differ but almost in any case price for molding the parts back together is much lower than additional payment needed if parts are shipped as they are, - uncut. This is how you can save a lot of money on shipping without sacrificing anything.

We strongly recommend you to check the price of labour for molding parts back together prior to purchasing them cut in half with cheaper EMS shipping, so you know how much you can save! In some cases it's still cheaper to ship parts whole as they are (uncut) as some body shops charge a lot for their work.

Please note that fiberglass replacement bumpers, already painted parts and carbon fiber parts CAN NOT be cut in order to save on shipping!
If you have any kind of questions regarding this subject, feel free to contact us.

Kind regards TuscaniCustoms

Adro Sportage QL front lip 2

Adro Sportage QL front lip 3