KW Coilover System BK
  • KW Coilover System BK
  • KW Coilover System BK
  • KW Coilover System BK
  • KW Coilover System BK
  • KW Coilover System BK
  • KW Coilover System BK
  • KW Coilover System BK

KW Coilover System BK


KW Coilover System BK variant3 V3 is designed for adjustability by height and compression...

KW Coilover System BK: 2.0T 157 KW

Genesis coupe BK KW Variant 3 coilovers system is designed for those who want complete adjustability of their suspension system for a precise handling control. The Variant 3 coilovers system allows you to adjust both the rebound dampening and compression dampening of each individual shock. Each shock has 2 control knobs, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom of the shock, to allow for 2-direction adjustment of dampening.

This lets you control precisely how your car will handle during turns either on the street or the track. Similar to other KW coilovers system, the Variant 3 coilovers system also has height adjustment for the precise lowering level that you prefer. Stainless steel tube housing prevents any kind of corrosion so adjusting height is no problem.

These Variant 3 coilovers systems feature KW Inox stainless steel technology on their shocks for superior corrosion resistance. The stainless steel shocks also use trapezoidal threads for ease of height adjustment. All KW Variant 3 coilovers system use high-performance adjustable shocks that can tolerate the additional load put on a lowered car. Most Variant 3 coilovers use springs with progressive spring rate. All Variant 3 coilovers systems are backed by KW industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Fits both 2.0L Turbo (157kw and 202kw) and 3.8L V6 (223kw and 255kw) model 2010-2016.

Please note that these coilovers only fit 2009-2011 year model, if you have 2012-2016 model you need to purchase stock endlinks from 2009-2011 year model in order to make them fit! KW will not honor their lifetime warranty in this case.

2012-2016 year model endlinks are to long for these coilovers.


KW Variant 3 Inox-Line Coilovers System Features: 

-Adjustable height level front and rear 5-25mm/15-35 mm

- Adjustable 2-direction (infinitely adjustable rebound dampening and 14 level compression  adjustable) for each individual shock 

- Backed by KW limited lifetime warranty 

- Inox-line (stainless steel) technology on KW shocks for high corrosion resistance 

-TUV tested lowering on front and rear axle

-100% made in Germany

-Better handling due to less curl

-Trapezoid thread for easy height adjustment

-High-quality elements for long durability

-Includes detailed installation instructions and documentation for easy use

-Optimally adjusted, sporty and comfortable dampening technology


Why do KW coilovers cost more than others?

The answer is simple, you get what you pay for when it comes to vehicle suspension. As such a crucial component of your vehicle, suspension is definitely something you do not want to cheap out on. KW is known for their reinforced and durable suspension components. KW's coilovers have been carefully crafted and designed by studying the flaws of competitors and improving on them. In addition KW coilovers can go lower than just about any other brand and allow you to set your car to a "slammed look", "sporty look", or anywhere in between. In the unfortunate event that anything should happen to your coilovers, KW's warranty backs all their products from manufacturer's defects.






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